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Toy Shopping Not Child’s Play

Toy Shopping Not Child’s Play

As the children’s anticipation of a visit from the jolly one climbs, parents have a serious concern when it comes to fulfilling the wishes of their children. There has been a lot of buzz in recent weeks about the safety of many popular children’s products. From cribs to clothing, there has been several recalls to protect the health and safety of children of all ages.

Toys in particular are being found to pose various health threats to kids. Choking on small parts is one of the leading causes of toy recalls and injuries or death. Many consumers have been misunderstanding the warning labels on products. They have assumed that toys declared as safe for children 5+ relates to the ability level of the child. In reality, the age guideline refers to the presence of small parts that could be a choking hazard.  Child experts instruct parents to use an empty roll from toliet paper to gauge what size toy and toy parts can be a danger to kids. If it fits in the cardboard tube, it can fit down a child’s throat.

Choking isn’t the only concern when it comes to toys. There have been several large recalls of toys that have tested positive for excessive lead contamination and other toxic chemicals. Toys made especially for infants and young toddlers who put everything in there mouths are of particular concern. These contaminated and toxic toys can cause long-lasting health affects and disabilities even when exposure is brief. Additionally, there are toys are the market that have sounds which play at excessively high decibel levels and can cause hearing damage or loss to young children.

Parents and those shopping for children are cautioned to pay close attention to the list of recalls on toys before they start their Christmas shopping. While children may covet a specific item, it is much better to be safe than sick. For those consumers who are unsure of which toys are safe and which have concerns, the website Toy Safety has been establish to help answer questions and shed light on common issues with toys.

Consumers are encouraged to shop for toys based on age-appropriateness and not solely make decisions based on costs or wants. Safety issues have been on the rise and recently a new law called Consumer Protection Safety Improvement Act has been established. The new law bans small parts in toys that are produced for kids under the age of 3. It also requires that manufacturers place explicit warning labels on toys that are developed for kids up to 6 years of age.


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