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Try This Resume Tip Before You Apply For Another Job

Try This Resume Tip Before You Apply For Another Job

Once upon a time, job seekers wrote one resume and used it for every job they applied. This is the old way of thinking and it won't help you get the job. Now, thanks to technology, it's possible to tailor your resume for every job you apply. By tailoring your resume for every job, you increase your odds of getting the job and not only getting the job, but also getting the job you really want.

Out with the Old

Just as technology is constantly changing, other areas of our life need to change too. One of those areas is that of resume writing. Back in the day, you labored over your resume, writing it by hand, editing it, re-writing and when you 'thought' you had it perfect, you finally sat down at the old typewriter and pounded away.

Somehow, even with all the improvements in technology, many people still approach writing resumes the same way. Granted, you may not start out handwriting and using a typewriter. But most job seekers will admit they write one resume and use it for every job they apply.

This way of thinking is as outdated as typewriters. To get hired and especially for landing your dream job, you need to put out a little extra work and get noticed. What separates one job applicant from the 100s or even 1,000s of others is their resume.

How do you get your resume noticed? You tailor it for every job. At first, this sounds tiresome and time consuming. But what if you put all the new technology to work? Odds are you have a home computer or access to one at your local library.

Use the computer to write a basic resume and keep this one on file. This is your resume template. You'll make changes to this template each time you apply for a job. As you apply for each job, look at the requirements and ask yourself the following questions.

*What is the employer looking for specifically?

*What can you offer the company?

*How will you benefit the company?

*What skills, special training or awards do you have that the employer is looking for?

Now take the answers to these questions and answer them in your resume. Highlight those special skills that are an asset to the company. Showcase your special training and awards that benefit the business.

Where it was once a difficult task to re-type each and every resume for each and every job, with home computers, it's a breeze. Once you write your resume template, each time you apply for another job, just add in the specific information that makes you stand out to the interviewer.

Don't let all the great technology we have at our fingertips go to waste. Take advantage of it and use it to land your next great job. Ask yourself the all-important questions the employer is looking for and highlight it in your resume. Your resume will stand out and you'll get the job.


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    Wendy Long 25th of Apr, 2017

    The advice is really useful for me, especially when I am in the find job period. Thanks for sharing!

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