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Water Features for Feng Shui and Style

Water Features for Feng Shui and Style

Accomplished building and interior style is based on well thought out principals that take into consideration countless separate philosophies and approaches. The water feature of Feng Shui has been habitually linked with good fortune and prosperity. Fountains for interior and garden are an brilliant method to convey the spiritual and material forces of water into present construction and design. Harmonious living using furnishings, design and inside fountains is the art and procedure of Feng Shui. The actual organization of the fundamental forces of nature through material symbolism improves our physical condition affluence, accomplishment and happiness. Feng Shui means wind and water, which are two of the most foremost basics in effective interior design and architecture.

To convey Chi energy try a floor water feature, waterfall or garden pond. The more motion the water has the more Yang or male the Chi energy. If the water is subdued or at rest the energy is more female or Yin. There needs to be a equilibrium between Yin and Yang for comfortable and effective architectural design. This poise must be together inside the residence as well as within outside gardens and landscaping. One of the paramount ways of matching energy between inside and exterior areas is with garden fountains which can be sited in close proximity to doorways and entrances to filter and enhance energy before it enters a structure. The energy is generated and purified by water and transported all through the home by wind. This is why wind is just as important as water for Feng Shui design.

When we talk of wind we are looking at how Chi energy is disbursed all the way through an area. If energy does not flow it will be converted into stale and idle in one region. Lack of flow can also trigger a buildup of energy that becomes too intense and overwhelms, resulting in despair, lassitude, obsession and more subtle situations. Since we are verging into an esoteric area let me illustrate this with a particular example. Postulate we were to get hold of some cherished photos and other memorabilia of a departed family member and locate them in a dark corner of our abode where there were no windows, not a large amount of natural light and a water feature on the wall. Here we would be, esoterically speaking, channeling Chi energy into the vicinity which would build up with no outlet. By extension, I expect our thoughts of our departed family member would turn towards their death, their burial and the other physical aspects of what they were. I would much rather encourage air circulation and natural sunshine which happen to go hand in hand in most cases, to this area and let my thoughts of them turn into ones of development, change and freedom.

Circulation is good but as in all things poise is vital or the force becomes an burden. If wind is allowed to flow too quickly through an area with no settling and pooling it potentially becomes a caustic force that makes us nervous or excessively excited. This is why the dragon is such a great and propitious beast in Chinese philosophy. The dragons tail curves as it moves, not at all in a straight line. If we can move with the course of energy as present in natural waterways and streams we may possibly access a lot more pleasure, satisfaction and affluence then we might by trying to mount up it for ourselves, probably as a result of a deep-seated down lack of faithfulness or fear of losing it. We can expend this concept from Chinese philosophy in countless areas of life. What we have and who we are needs to flow out to others, rather then being hoarded and accumulated. This is why it is supposed that demons always travel in a straight line They don't have faith in the integrity of the world, so they strive to gather power in the quickest and strongest manner which in the end defeats them just like a strong wind howling through a home.

We can appreciate how water features and wind can boost architecture and interior design when used in the residence and garden. Not only does paying consideration to these two central forces of nature improve our buildings and living spaces, it also brings pleasant things our direction in scores of further principal ways.


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