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Why Buy a Used Rolex Watch

Why Buy a Used Rolex Watch

Not everyone can afford a new rolex watch, but you don't have to be a city banker to wear quality on your wrist. You may not have thought have purchasing a used rolex watch but there are a plethora of reason why you would.

Firstly, thay do not de-value as soon as you buy it. If you are buying a new Rolex, then expect it to depreciate as soon as you leave the watch shop. It's like buying a new computer or mobile phone - it's worth 20% less as soon as you start using it. Surprisingly, used watches are well sought after, especially the beautiful watches like Rolex and Cartier - they are a incredibly reliable, robust and every watch enthusiast knows that it's a great investment all round. And who can really tell the difference, apart from an experienced watch dealer.

Secondly ensure you but from a reliable source like a reputable watch dealer. Be careful buying online - always ask for the approved certification and papers for the watch before committing to buy. Purchasing from ebay is ok - you are protected but buying a second hand used Rolex Watch is a personal thing and many people prefer to see the goods before parting with their money.

So how can you tell a fake or genuine used rolex watch? Well here are a few things to look out for:

1. Genuine Rolex watches have a sapphire crystal glass face that can only be scratched with a diamond. No need to go out and buy a diamond, but if there are scratches, then it is likely to be fake. Look at the watch at various angles in the light to test.

2. A real rolex will have the watch’s case number and model No. engraved on the side of the watch bracelet.

3. The quality of the printing on the dial face should be precise, with indicators and print evenly spaced with no rough edges.

4. Rolex watch movement on a genuine watch sweeps around un interrupted and a smooth action - each second is broken down into eight individual steps. Look out for a visibly jerky movement on a fake rolex watch.


  • Cu
    curiousgeorge89 4th of Jan, 2011

    I totally agree with you. Used watches and even jewellery are always great ways to wear quality and save bucks big time. I have bought ''like new'' condition Tiffany & Co rings and have my eye on a second hand rolex that's been worn less than 10 times and is in top notch condition...therefore if you're willing to search hard enough, guarenteed you'll find a treasure amongst the junk. (Make sure it's through a certified dealer though).

  • Ag
    A.Guy.From.London 12th of Aug, 2013

    Who uses watches anymore? They're obsolete! We all just use our phones to tell the time.

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