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Yes Virginia, There is a Scholarship

Yes Virginia, There is a ScholarshipWith so many layoffs and instability in companies across the nation, now may be just the right time to pursue one of your life goals by going back to school. For some people, it will become a necessity to further their personal education in pursuit of an additional or alternative degree. This may be an important step to improving one's resume in order to obtain a steady job or get a leg up in a new career direction.

For many experienced potential students, there is a lot of concern about money and time in reviving an education. However, many of those back-to-schoolers are unaware that there are indeed scholarships and other financial assistance options for those returning to school in their later years. It is common to think that only those fresh out of high school are eligible to pursue and receive scholarships in order to go on to college. In fact there are several monetary scholarship awards that have been created only for those students who are older.

If you are interested in returning to college but have been prevented by financial difficulties, do not give up hope. Instead, start focusing on the places that award funding to adults going back to school. Existing work and life experiences can be an integral part of the application process and many professional associations do offer such awards.

Here are some additional tips for finding scholarship money.
  • Start out at the financial aid office of the school you are interested in attending. Use the resources at the school to seek out additional opportunities. Ask the academic department for information about scholarships that are based on profession.
  • After you have gathered information from the school's resources, seek out advice and additional resources from your local adult education office. They may be knowledgeable about local scholarships for those returning to school.
  • Once you have exhausted your local searches, you can do some internet work to find national scholarships aimed at adult students. You may even qualify for traditional scholarships that are typically doled out to recent high school graduates.
  • While it is not the same as a scholarship, you may also want to check with your employer about tuition reimbursement programs. Many companies will offer full or partial reimbursement of tuition costs for those employees who plan to further educate themselves provided the degree is relevant to their present job. Find out what the requirements and stipulations are before committing to any arrangements, as many companies will require an agreement to be signed that requires you to remain at the company for a specific period of time.


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